Probleming Imorting Porject.


I am trying to import a project which one of my colleagues created. But while importing I am facing an issue. I guess from the error that the project was not created in development mode.

I am trying to find the solution so that I can import the project successfully.



Shobhun Shah

Hello Shobun, 

A project created in one infrastructure cannot be deployed to another infrastructure. This feature is known as IPP (Intellectual Property Protection) 

Every project you create has an activation code of your infrastructure.  One can deploy modules to an environment having the same activation code. 

Check the link here for more details. If you are using a personal environment you cannot install/ deploy modules from other environments. 

If you are using an Enterprise license, please contact OutSystems support. 

Hope this helps !!! 

Thanks Amal

Hi Shobhun,

  From the image which you have attached noticed that your trying to import the project in your personal Environment.

As, Amal suggested, its not possible in personal environment.

if need more clarification on it, you can contact outsystems support team.


Manikandan K