Is there a way to send the audit logs through email?

Using the audit logs from the example here, is there a way to send email notifying target users of the list of audit logs collected in Outsystems?

Hi Tony,

Yes, you can send audit log to target user or list of user through Outsystems provide Email component. Get the data from systems table and arrange it and pass it through input parameter(message) and send it to the target user. Below is the sample. Hope it help you.


Hi Tony,

either you can write the logic in server side(web app) and then use it in your app through server action or check the below link that could help you find your solution.



Sorry think I did not make it clear in my post earlier. We know how to use the email API to send email using Outsystems but we have trouble sending audit logs through email. 

What we have done to maneuver this situation is to create a special "auditLog" entity in our database. Then when certain action is triggered, we will store the action description and the author into the db table. And we populate the table inside email web block with a table record, to be the email content. 

Does Outsystems have another way doing this?

the same way this can be achieved.