[Firebase Mobile] Error while installing cordova-plugin-firebase on iOS

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Published on 6 Jan by David Sousa
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Published on 6 Jan by David Sousa

Hi guys,

We're running into the following error when trying to generate our iOS app:

[2019-09-18T13:05:25.510Z] [ERROR] 
You have been opted out of telemetry. To change this, run: cordova telemetry on.
No scripts found for hook "before_plugin_add".
Calling plugman.fetch on plugin "https://github.com/TruewindIT/cordova-plugin-firebase#1.7"
Fetching plugin "https://github.com/TruewindIT/cordova-plugin-firebase" via git clone
Running command: git clone https://github.com/TruewindIT/cordova-plugin-firebase /var/folders/6g/yzr1db091wgbfzcv9j3h1nwm0000gq/T/git/1568811686654

[2019-09-18T13:05:25.511Z] [ERROR] Build failed with the following error: An unexpected error has occurred while installing the Cordova plugins. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact OutSystems Support.

We've set up our application as specified in the configuration guide of the Firebase Mobile plugin, and it generates in the Development environment of our app, but not in the Test environment for iOS, even though they're the same applications.

We're not quite sure why this is happening and would appreciate some help.

Thanks in advance. :)


Regarding the iOS build, is the GoogleService-Info.plist file placed inside the zip folder as explained in the configuration guide, but if you read this... let me know if you did some points:

Only to track your steps:

  • First you create a zip with this two files: google-services.json and GoogleService-Info.plis;
  • After you import to you resources with this:
    • Name: google-services.zip
    • Deploy action: deploy to target directory
    • Target directory: concatenation of firebase. and your app identifier.

Firebase should be in lower case.

And you did all the follow steps:

  1. define two zip folders, one for Android and other for iOS, each with the respective configuration file inside
  2. both folders should be named google-services.zip
  3. add both folders to the resources tab in Service Studio
  4. define the target directory for Android with the Android app id, like firebase.<android_app_id>
  5. define the target directory for iOS with the iOS app id, like firebase.<ios_app_id>

Can you check?

Nuno Miguel Verdasca

Hi Nuno Miguel,

Thanks for your speedy reply. :)

We did follow those steps, yes.

As you can see in the error log, it has something to do with the cloning of the git repo. We are now seeing the same error across multiple applications for iOS. 


Have you seen what version of GitHub is in the component, and went to GitHub itself to see if there is any information that translates into device limitation? It's just that I've used this component several times and had no problems, but you may have to make a copy of the component and set the code version to an older version in Extensibility Configurations.


Hi Nuno Miguel,

We found the problem: There was an update to the plugin that didn't carry over to our Test and Acceptance environments from our Development environment. It seems that we have to manually update the plugins for each environment and that the updates aren't automatically carried over from one environment to the next during deployment with LifeTime.

Thanks so much for your help. :)


Charise Walraven escribió:

Hola nuno miguel

Encontramos el problema: hubo una actualización del complemento que no se transfirió a nuestros entornos de prueba y aceptación desde nuestro entorno de desarrollo. Parece que tenemos que actualizar manualmente los complementos para cada entorno y que las actualizaciones no se transfieren automáticamente de un entorno a otro durante la implementación con LifeTime.

Muchas gracias por su ayuda. :)

¿Cómo se actualiza?