External JSON Link Download as JSON

I need to create server Action to download the JSON from the external link. my requirement is not to consume JSON in outsystems, i need to provide download as file. is it possible to create download button. 

You may use UiPath plugin for this.

Hi Meenakshi,

I dont understand what you mean by "my requirement is not to consume JSON in outsystems", i thinking you want that simple download, then do the following.

You have JSON string and you want to download as text file, if it is this follow steps,

1) Covert Json string to binary using TexttoBinaryData action from (Binary extension).

2) Then use download widget set your file name like "jsondata.txt", after set the binary data just you did in (1).

If you want to download file as excel format, do the following,

1) Create the structure based on the JSON structure.

2) Use "JSONDeserialize" to convert your JSON string to dataset

3) After use "RecordListToExcel" set the recordset and select the fields to show in excel.

4) Use download widget and set filename.xlsx and set binary data

if nothing you want then let us explain your clear requirment, so here we help as much as possible.