Improve your skills with new content

Hi Community,

At OutSystems we are always aiming to help our customers, providing the development teams with adequate knowledge so they can be prepared to implement the application requirements.

With that in mind, we have been creating/updating some content for skills that you may need to acquire to successfully deliver your projects.

This is a continuous effort to guarantee effective enablement of your team for the challenges that the different projects entail. Subscribe to our Community Digest as we’ll keep announcing new content for other skills.

Check below the new pieces of content that we have recently released.

Architecture Integration Patterns (including Cold Cache, Real-Time Sync, Transparency Services, and Hot Cache):

Data Purge & Archiving:

Style Guide Architecture:

Specific use cases:

As always, feel free to share your feedback (email us at If you have identified in your project some requirements that would require your team to learn new skills, let us know how we could help.


A useful consolidated list. Thanks for sharing !


Hello Team,

Excellent content. Would it be possible to include working samples where applicable. 


Agree, say it with simple sample codes is more effective than just a ton of theories.

Awesome Content.

As Amal and Tuna said, sample code or videos would be more helpful.



Thank you all for the feedback,

We understand the value of samples and short videos on the technical enablement so you can expect some of those assets to be included in the coming new content that we'll be producing.

Best Regards,

Luís Figueiredo

Thanks. Nice post. Make more:)

Excellent!!! Tks for share!!!