Can I have private Forge?


Can I have private Forge, where I can share in-house component/widget/connectors so that it can be used within my organization or group of developers?

If not in forge, is there any way to achieve this?



I don't think if there is private forge. If you've partner account, you've your own environments where you may publish components.

Hi Santosh,

I believe the Outsystems website and the forums are built with Outsystems - I assume this extends to the Forge. You could reimplement it yourself and deploy it to your environment, controlling content and access. 

The one thing I'm not sure of how to reproduce would be the "direct" links in the Forge where you click on a component and you can then elect to install it in your environment without an external file. It operates with a special URL that will be opened by Service Studio, but I'm not aware of any documentation for its inputs or how it operates.

There is an idea submitted to OutSystemd for the private forge It's still pending. 

Hi Santosh,

As suggested by Swatantra Kumar, currently there is nothing like private Forge in Outsystems platform as it is built on community based approach , but still you can use your own organisation's environment to share the in-house developed components among team members. 

Hi Santosh,

Currently it is not something that doesn't exist, BUT, if you think it would be useful not just for you but for others, you can always suggest it as a new idea for Outsystems to implement.

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Hello Santosh,

While there are many answers already, let me give you some advice as well.

1. There is no forge website available for private use. One of the reasons is that it would be possible for the owner of such "private forge" to remove IPP from applications. 

The Forge is meant to be a public repository and everything that is placed there is being given to the community (generically speaking). A "private" Forge would defeat this purpose.

2. While not optimal, if you need to share components / applications between your team, to be used in different infrastructure (different clients, etc), you can create your own portal where the collaborators can download the Components / Applications and after passing it through IPP to remove the original activation code and attach the activation code of the desired environment, they will be able to install the Components / Applications in the environment.

It is not as good as a Forge, but it is not difficulty to implement and use.

Another possibility is to ask OutSystems about the possibility of buying an environment that does not attach an activation code, allowing the Components / Applications developed on this environment to be installed on any environment. But I don't know if this is something OutSystems allows outside training environment.