[Charts_HowTo] Stacking Type - How are we getting 4 Labels if there are only 3 conditions Type?

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Published on 2015-01-19 by Nuno Rosado
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Published on 2015-01-19 by Nuno Rosado

Could you please explain in detail how this chart data is created with 2 Electronics label, 1 Book label and 1 Clothing label in column chart?


Check how many groups of rows is grouped by with ProductType as Electronics.

5 rows are getting grouped when  productType = Electronics

Hi Deepti,

I think that maybe the people making this tutorial were more focused on showing the different options you have to work with on a chart, rather then getting the data right.

Basically, like Joseph said, you have to make sure that the aggregate or SQL or server action that is retrieving the data for this chart, has no more than one row per label / series pair.

So in this example, I would group by ProductType and Condition.

See attached OML, I added a Demo screen to the ChartsHowTo.

Hope this explains it for you, I wouldn't pay too much attention to the data, but try to understand the features that the HowTo component is showcasing.



compared to your aggregate, this is what mine looks like :

Thanks Joseph and Dorine for your response.

I agree to the point that our focus should be more on 'HowTo' rather than 'data' for this component. However, I need a clear understanding/explanation for the charts data rendered on the screen. It should be similar to data set which we expect by applying filters/groupings on various table in order to keep our concepts clear.