I have a screen with name A and 2 menus (A and B). Both menus go to screen A and the name of browsers tab is A. If i want if from menu B, the name of the browsers tab is B, How to achieve that?

Browser's tab name like this:

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Hi brrr,

you can dynamically set the title of a page, so I just had a try, see attached demo uml.  I add input parameter title to the screen, set the title property of the screen to this parameter, set it non-mandatory and give i default string of 'A', and then on menu item B, pass in a alternative title.

Is it something like this you need ?


hi Sir,

mine is Studio 10, cannot open.

would you give some brief clues in here?

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Ok, sorry, didn't think of that.  

So I'm not sure all this is the same in studio 10, I only ever worked with 11.

1) add optional input parameter to the screen, with a default value what the screen is usually/most often called

2) In all buttons/links/menu's where you are happy with the usual name, you can still just navigate to the screen without passing a value for title in, it will be the default you have set for InTitle parameter.

3) In menu's or buttons or links where you want the title to be different, pass in the title on the navigate

If this is not clear, just ask



Thank You, Sir.

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Happy to help.

btw, I'm not a 'sir'  :-)