I was wondering, what does outsystems do to tables which grow too large? Will they underwater be split into multiple tables or will it always be the same system entity (with the same entity ID)?


Hi Roemer Cleveringa,

In cases where Entities contains too many records, one way of optimizing is to archive old records. This is something a developer can implement, using different tables as example.


Hi Roemer,

There's no such thing as "too large". Both Oracle and MSSQL databases can grow to the maximum file sizes allowed on the operating system, which is usually in the terabytes. Whether everything still performs is another question :).

OutSystems relies on what the database engines are capable of, and will never do things like "splitting" tables or the like.

Hi Roemer,

OutSystems relies on the database model or external database sources created or connected by the application developers and it does not split the database entities or entity attributes automatically regardless on how many attributes or how many rows an entity possesses. Any entities created and not deliberately deleted or changed by the application developers will stay as they were.

Besides, it would be a nightmare to database administrators everywhere if an application such as OutSystems were to have the capability to do that.

Perchance, are you referring to the splitting of fields in another software product like Tableau?

Best regards,
Joseph Enriquez