[Wikitude] Instructions / Demo?

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Published on 2 Jan by Prasad Rao
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Published on 2 Jan by Prasad Rao

Do you have any instructions or demo's explaining how to use this plugin?


Sorry had been busy with project work, I have added the demo app for reference but the plugin needs some more work as the latest Wikitude plugin (original git) does not generate iOS app. Need to fork it and modify it to work with Outsystems, till then the Android app should help. Still in progress of writing the documentation on how to use it, till then refer to forum link above.


looking forward to the instructions and demo app.


Demo app is present in the forge, you can download and test it in Android. I am having issue with iOS app and waiting for Outsystems support to provide me the actual error. I am very busy till this year end, will plan to add the instruction as soon as I am free, till then please check the demo app.