Hello guys! How are you? I need some help on Windows Integrated Authentication. I've created a test application on our environment, with all the flow using Integrated Authentication, only to allow our customer to configure and test WIA before we apply it to our application. (we don't have Windows user accounts and we need a workaround).

However, i found a weird behaviour. When i access the application it pop ups the window to put windows credentials. This seems OK. Then i've tested with someone with a windows account. When they got into the application they have gone directly to the homepage because they were already logged in. I've asked them to logout and reload the application. I was expecting one of two scenarios:
1) The user should go directly to the homepage (because he was already logged on windows)
2) The same window with inputs for username and password would pop up.

But no... every time the user try to access this test application he gets into the Login Page. I've cloned users module just to check validations and to try to understand this behaviour but i can't get it...

Has anyone ever had this problem?

Thank you,
Diogo Pacheco

Are you using single sign on? I think that if you use single sign on you can share users and sessions. Maybe you have to adjust these settings. 

I've only done this configurations...


@Application Level

Hi Diogo,

If your WIAValidation module has Users set as its User Provider, you should also check the Windows Integrated Authentication box in the Configuration screen of the Users module.

Best thing to do in order to understand the logic of these WIA configurations and your login flow, is to clone the Users module like you did, and then change the dependency of the original Users module to CloneOfUsers module. Set a breakpoint in the User_Login action and debug it.

Hope this helps.