Search functionality of

Please expose a public set of html form variables and an advance search functionality to OutSystems.  The site seems to have some of this functionality already, but its not really exposed because of the viewstate.

Clicking on Tag in the forum returns a list items with that tag.  However if you enter the tag name (plain, quoted, and/or bracketed, quoted bracketed) in the search box you obtain different results than just clicking on the tag.

It would be nice to search by the option of  tag, OS Version, date range, poster, post/thread, object property etc.


I always use Google to search on OutSystems forum topics. Better results in my opinion.

Judt end each search sentence with "in OutSystems' and Google it.

Agree OutSystems could do a better job on it but, as Google already does it very good, maybe it isn't high on their backlog.



I can do you a few better actually, make some custom search filters in in your browser:

os -->

010 -->

011 --> %s

I would still like to make the OutSystems search form public and documented.