LifeTime is not adding dependencies. Warns that "Components won't be refreshed..."

Hi Everyone,

I hope someone can point me in a direction on how to solve this issue.
(If it should rather be in the installation folder, let me know and I will move it.)

I am trying to deploy an application from our client's UAT environment to their production environment, but am running into two problems.

1) Life time is not picking up the producer dependencies for the app that I am deploying when I click on the Validate Now button.

2) If I proceed to deploy the app, the deployment preparation raises the following warning while retrieving the applications from version control:  "Components won't be refreshed as Service Center isn't available in the Controller Node". I've not continued past the preparation.

I suspect that the two issues might be related.

I've gone through this post regarding the second error, and as far as I am aware, I've verified the information that I have access to. 

Below is information on the application as well as the environment.

Notes on the app.

  • The version in production was last published in July during an upgrade from to 10.0.1010.0.
  • Before that the application was last deployed and published from UAT to production in Sept 2018.
  • The application has been restructured and now includes producer modules from a different application.
  • The producer modules have never been deployed to production.
  • It is a web application. No mobile components are involved.

Notes on the environment.

  • Lifetime server: appvm3
  • Front-end servers: appvm2 and webvm3. One of these servers are also accessed through
  • As far as i can tell, all the server centers are up to date across all machines. They all show version 10.0.1010.0.  Unless I am incorrectly assuming that the platform version is also the Service Center version.
  • I exported the Environment Configuration for the front-end servers (appvm2, webvm3), including a 'duplicate' for the server in the hopes that i can pick up some differences. All three config files are exactly the same. Is this possible?
  • The Deployment controller seems to be correctly set up.
  • The services are running on the different machines as they should.
  • There is only one Zone.

Below are some screenshots. The appvm2 and screenshots look exactly the same. I cannot access webvm3 as it sits in the DMZ, however as i noted earlier, the exported config for appvm2 and webvm3 are exactly the same.

Front end server:

Front end server

Lifetime Server

LIfeTime Server

Thank you in advance


Hi Albert,

Are there any warnings or errors on SystemComponents when you check the eSpaces in the source and target environments?

If there are have you tried to publish a solution pack containing them with full compilation?


This is not my area of expertise but this is how it looks like on our production environment:

Are you in Outsystems cloud or on premiss?

If i were to guess i would expect your Deploy. controller and Deployment to be on the same front end at least. If you are in the Outsystems cloud, i would submit a support ticket.

Stefano Valente wrote:

Are you in Outsystems cloud or on premiss?

If i were to guess i would expect your Deploy. controller and Deployment to be on the same front end at least.

Hi Stefano,

It's an on premise setup.

Thanks for pointing out the differing services. I'll look into that.



Note that my screenshot is Outsystems cloud.

But since you are on premise, best is to leave it to the technical guys ;)