[Google Maps Library] Not able to initialize twice the same Google MAPS API Places Query

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Published on 7 Feb (11 days ago) by Labs
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Published on 7 Feb (11 days ago) by Labs


I am facing a problem and hope that somebody can help me out! The problem is that when i switch between pages the Google Maps API wont run the same query. 

In the Event - MapInitialized i have the logic where i fetch the places around my location, that works good and it also shows the markers. But the problem is when i go to a another page or webblock and try to go back to my Google Maps screen it wont fetch anymore the places around my location and also wont place the markers in the map.

If i do a hard refresh in the browser it seems to work properly, but navigating between screens not. Hope that somebody has a solution for me how i can tackle this problem :)

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Never mind, problem has been solved. Google Maps API was throwing a "Request Denied" error. What indicates that my request was denied, because of lack of an invalid key.