External Database connection extension- setting DB info as parameter

Good afternoon all, I'm working on an extension to import a few custom reporting tables into OS.   We are connecting our OS platform to a BI tool and part of that integration is utilizing reporting tables that get populated each night via timers.  

The extension works great in our Dev environment, but each time we deploy to Test/Prod it breaks because the extension has the table information hard coded as "[OutSystems_DEV_Platform].[dbo].[CallReportData]".  So as an example, when we migrate to Test this should be [Outsystems_Test_Platform] so we have to manually update the extension in that environment and then update dependencies on all of the modules.    (which is a big headache)  

Is there a way to set the Table or View name based on some type of site parameter, so when we migrate the table name auto populates?  Thanks in advance for any information provided.

Hello Josh,

Open the Service Center (Test/Prod), go to your extension:

click in your table name:

and set the name that you need:


Don't forget to configure the database connection:

and set in your extension:


We finally did another migration.  We had set the Effective Physical Table name but when the extension was migrated it that value was overwritten.  

We also tried to create a new "external" Database connection and that seemed to work.  But the SQL query that I used to update the Tables threw and error.  I assume because OS knows that the external table resides on the same DB that the entity tables reside on.   Below are screenshots of the error, extension config and the custom tables we are populating each night.

Any other ideas on how I can change this configuration so our migration don't require us to manually update the extension and refresh dependencies of the modules in each environment?