I was following this blog post in order to remove the "IIS 8.5" response header: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/varunm/2013/04/23/remove-unwanted-http-response-headers/

I tried method nº3 (Using URL Rewrite) and it removed the IIS response header, BUT, now when I try executing any ajax request it fails and dumps some javascript errors on the chrome error console.

I'm attaching a screen shot of those errors.
Has anyone had a problem with this and can help?

I'm using Platform 10.0.1016.0, in a Windows Server 2012 R2 and an SQL Server 2012 database.


I have not tried to remove headers with OutSystems.

Looking at the error it appears a serverside error is occurring.  It error could be unrelated, or it could be caused by the change in response headers.

Check OutSystems monitoring in ServiceCenter to see if an exception is being raised.

If that yields nothing, I recommend switching the headers back on, one by one, and see if the errors go away.  If you do that then I think you are stuck with the headers.

If you really need to remove them, possibly logging a support issue with OutSystems is the way to go.


After reporting this to Outsystems Support, they helped me find a solution.
It was a very simple one. I was using URL Rewrite 2.0 and this version has a bug. So, I installed version 2.1 and the error doesn't happen anymore.

Problem solved.