Container animate property and direction.

Hi Guys,

Is there a way that you can set the direction a container is displayed when the animation property is set to yes.

At present when my container 'animation property' =  Y and 'visible property' parameter is triggered (true) the contents of my container appears to be rendered in the direction from the middle of the container to the top and bottom of the container.

I would instead like to change this so the contents of the container are rendered from the bottom to top of the container or vise visa.

Is this possible?



Hi Mark,

Are you talking about CSS animation?

Hi Kilian,

I am referring to the default rendering of a container when changing it's 'visible property' from false to true via a variable and the 'animate property' is set to yes.

Hi Mark,

The default OS animations are not available for customization as far i as know, but you can easily make your own animations using some CSS. 

OS usually does it by adding and removing classes via JS but there are other ways, you can also bind those classes to a variable thats toggled on click. Either way it will require some time and dedication to design and implement the animation.