Hi Team 

I am trying to develop an mobile app in my personal environment and trying  to publish and view the app in my IPHONE . but i am not able view it and surprisingly in apple play store dint find any dedicated app on out systems 

Kindly let me know is there anyway i could view my application on IOS and In addition i am also facing the same issue on Android



on ios, test using testflight application (but you must have apple developer)

on android, you must enable install from other sources in setting

Hi Toto

Thanks for help , 

Android i was able to launch the application. 

Let me try in IOS and will keep you posted :). 



Hi Jithu,

You can generate your own iOS binary (IPA file that you install on a device) with a single click, just go to the Native Platforms tab on your Application's page in Service Studio, but you will need to have and configure your Apple developer certificate first...

You will also be able to run your application using OutSystems Now if you only use the standard native plugins (you can find it on the Play Store/App Store, although there was a report the latest version was still being reviewed by Apple), or on the mobile's browser, provided you're not using any plugins at all.

Hope this helps!