Upload from an Excel file

Upload from an Excel file


I´m trying to upload some data from an excel file to the database, with no sucess. After implement in outsystems the upload action, everything is nice and functional, but when i´m trying to upload it from the browser an error occurs:

Error - could not read from file. Not a valid/supported excel file. System error - External table is not in the expected format.

Can anyone help me.


Fernanda Rodrigues
Hi Fernanda,

Taking a quick look at your eSpace, it seems that you are talking about the WebScreen2, that's it right?

That error occurs when you are trying to upload an excel with the different structure from the expected, as you are "mapping" the ExcelToRecordList to the entity BOOK1, the excel should have te Format with the colummns Id, Projecto, Revenue, Invoicing, wip_bia.
In OutSystems when we upload an excel file we often use structures to mapp the excel into it.

I hope this helps!

Best Regards,
Nuno Mendes