Hello ladies & gents:

I am looking for your thoughts on deploying OutSystems apps to Docker Container so far. Have you tried it? I am going to jump into a lab to test it and would like to know in advance from whom has experienced this feature. What should I avoid and/or to do make it happen successfuly?. Thanks a lot in advance!

OutSystems on Docker???

IMO It wouln't be easy. Licenses of each environment is tightly linked with the machine (MAC address). Even changing the IP once forced me to re-register with new license.

Now, in order to set it up on Docker, you need to create your own Docekr network followed by assigning static IP. 

I'm interested to know your hands-on experience after you try out.


The question was how to deploy an application in a docker container. Not how to run OutSystems in a docker container. Obviously two different things.

OutSystems does support deployment to document containers and there is official documentation of it




Oh yeah, I see. It's about deploying the application. My bad.