reactive apps - dragging tables to flow


I noticed that dragging tables to a screenflow to create list- and (dragging again) detailscreens don't work in the new reactive app 'mode'. Just wondering why?  

Regards, Harry

Hi Harry,

The scaffolding functionality is not working yet on the react web apps.

While scaffolding of screens via the Flow hasn't been implemented, you can still scaffold the list by creating the screen first, then dragging the entity onto the newly-created screen. This will give you the table, complete with paging and sorting.

Hi Harry,

We are currently working on supporting scaffolding list and details screens from entities in reactive, it should be out in a few weeks. In the meantime, as Andrew was saying, a workaround is to use screen templates and dragging the entity over the table or the form widget.

Tiago Simões

Glad to see this will be coming over to Reactive web apps