why cannot I use the outcome of the aggerate in a expresssion or if then


I wanted to try to make things hidden or display things so as the Title under the poster.

But on a expression or a if then , it seems that the aggretate cannot be found in the editor for it.

Do I do something wrong or do I oversee something ? 


Hi Roelof,

The aggregate must be on the Fecth Data from DataBase or Other Source.

Yes, I did that already 

but when I have a expression and open the expression editor I do not see the aggregate so I can choose a property. That is my question. 

I have changed the oml, take a look if this help you.

I see it, you added some output parameter to the action if im right

Thanks  , it seems to work except I see something strange. 

When a image is found the search box should disappear and it does except the icon for search.

Tomorrow take a good look how and why that happens

and I see a error message 422  if I start the application,

Hi Roelof,

"the search box should disappear and it does except the icon for search"

The IF statement is in the input, if you want to hide the button, I have to put the if before him.

"error message 422"

Yeah, I'm receiving this message too, in service center there is this log, some incompability with the rest.

Best Regards,


maybe,  Maybe  I can bettter make a normal web app instead of a react app. React apps seems still to be in beta.

Well, the problem with aggregate and the expression I think is solved ;)

If I use the react app it is not solved. 

I still see the 422 errror messsage : 

and if I enter a film I still see the icon of the search box. 

with the 422 I found this error log : 

Error Detail
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Time of Log:
2019-10-09 05:06:46
Request Key:29bb1035-c6c0-4ddd-befe-2043be62a305

Session Id:



Environment InformationeSpaceVer: Id=447, PubId=0, CompiledWith=11.0.606.0
RequestUrl: https://roelof-wobben2.outsystemscloud.com/myIDBM/moduleservices/log?clientTimeInMillis=1570597607479 (Method: POST)
AppDomain: /LM/W3SVC/25/ROOT/myIDBM-78-132150332915392795
FilePath: C:\OutSystems\Sandboxes\FQDBDV022\Platform Server\running\myIDBM\
Locale: en-US
DateFormat: yyyy-MM-dd
PID: 13020 ('w3wp', Started='10/4/2019 10:54:31 AM', Priv=542Mb, Virt=2115898Mb)
TID: 34
Thread Name:
.NET: 4.0.30319.42000
Client-Side Log