how to create a list records with no line separator in the reactive web app?

I am trying to create a kanban board using reactive web app and I didn't find the option to disable line separator.  It was easy guess that I could change the style class to "list" in the table widget but is not being easy to guess the line separator.

I could use columns structure but it didn't solve my problem. 

Someone could help me?


Hi Luciano,

Did you use your browser's development tools (e.g. F12 in Chrome) to see where the line is coming from?

Hi Kilian, how are you ?

there is a tr for each line.  it seems I have to change the class, but how and which one? See below

You'd need to check what causes the line, whether it's the tr or the td. If it's the tr, you could override the "table-row" class, if it's the td you need to select for the right attribute ([data-header] in case of the header, I don't know what the others have).

looks like a CSS padding on the tr element or table-row class.

Hi Luciano,

You can remove the separator with this CSS:

.table-row td {
    border-bottom: none;

It seems we have some doubts here.  Below is what I have using the normal web using list. I just want to reproduce it using reactive web. 


    for me the structure using tr is the problem. The first tr in my first picture has backlog and the other ones have the next phase names.