How to integrate Payment gateway in web app in Outsystems11?

I am looking for payment gateway integration in a web application in outsystems 11.

I have seen some forge components such as "PayPal" Stable Version 3.0.0 (O9.1), "Adyen web client" Stable Version 1.0.0 (OutSystems 10); these are not compatible with outsystems 11. I didn't find any payment gateway available for web application in outsystems 11.

Please let me know which payment gateway integration is available for web application in outsystems 11 and how I can integrate it?

Hi Piysuha,

Why do you think that the versions you listed aren't compatible with OutSystems 11? Do you get errors when installing them?

Please install it first. It is working fine. Let me know if you got any errors.

Hi Kilian,

There were warnings while installing the forge components such as for  "Adyen web client" -> "Version 1.0.0 was automatically selected as the latest stable for your environment running OutSystems 11". Also, it was showing "Force Install" button with warning "Application cannot be safely installed in your environment". Above mentioned warnings made me think about compatibility, forge components got installed without errors though. But yet to be used successfully as no proper directions of usability are available.



Yeah, the warnings might be tuned down a bit from OutSystems' side, "cannot be safely installed" is a bit too much.