[OutSystems Charts Web] Reflow function is not working

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Published on 2019-07-03 by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 2019-07-03 by OutSystems R&D


The Highcharts API has a function who is called 'reflow', but this function is not working in OutSystems. Am I doing something wrong? or is the function not available in this component?



Hi Furkan,

I'm assuming you need to redraw the chart, I remember having had similar problems in the past when resizing the container that had a chart in it. 

This is a sample JS code that will resize/redraw the first Chart in your page, tweak this is you have more than
one Chart in the same page (or get by ID for example):
Highcharts.charts[0].setSize( {YOUR_WIDTH} , {YOUR_HEIGHT} , doAnimation = true);

Let me know if this worked,