Leaflet: improve caching of map tiles, so they can be used offline

Hello Team, 

I am using Leaflet mobile plugin for showing maps, with Markers and layers.

I was pretty sure the tiles were getting cached and we could use them offline, but I find it is definitely not happening for iOS and is not very predictable for Android.

I Checked below plugin ,but not sure how to integrate in with my current Out systems solution


Any help would be appriciated.



HI Preeti,

For second part of your post-

Outsystem allows you to integrate a Javascript plugin to your Outsystems application . Here is one video link showing such integration. I hope this will help you to use the desired plugin in Outsystems.

Please watch this video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MaYCbcPSzms and also refer this link 

 https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Extensibility_and_Integration/JavaScript/Extend_Your_Mobile_App_Using_JavaScript/Use_JavaScript_Code_from_an_External_Library to use external Javascript library in your mobile app.



Hi Peetri,

I presume your talking about the Leaflet JS Mobile application available on the forge. I have tried to solve this issue before but haven't figured out a method to remove the session identifier at the end of the url (?_ts=637065090125203927 for example) . This is causing the caching issues. I'll try to find a method to remove this but has been unsuccessful before. Perhaps I should open a support ticket for this.