"Command 'start' can't be executed for deployment 

Dear colleagues,

I am trying to start a lifetime deploy to the production environment using the lifetime REST API: /lifetimeapi/rest/v2/deployments/{DeploymentKey}/{Command}/

When entering the DeploymentKey and command I keep getting this error: "Command 'start' can't be executed for deployment. "StatusCode": 400

The Deployment Plan is created and saved in LifeTime. Manually I can deploy the plan then to production. But automatically via REST it gives me an error. I have tried many things already with no results. Anyone who can help me out?

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Gianni Nicolaas 

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For Future References:

Make sure you create a version also for the module(s) and the deploy will start!

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I had the same problem recently. Finally I saw that the problem was: every application included in the deployment didn't have any changes actually. The reason why they were included into deployment was in that a module was moved out of the application in source environment, but was left in the target environment, which looked like a difference. I have manually deleted those modules from target environment, and the apps are not considered changed any more.

Maybe this will help somebody: if you get the above error, check that there is something to deploy actually.