[Dynamics 365 Connector] Does this connector works with Dynamcis 365 on premises version ?

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Published on 2018-04-06 by Andreia da Costa Gaspar
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Published on 2018-04-06 by Andreia da Costa Gaspar


I have 2 questions.

1, Does this connector supports on-premises version of Dynamics 365 ?  If so, how would the implementation be different in terms of authentication ?

2, Does it support version 8.x of the Dynamics ?




1. It should work with on premise version because it only needs the web api component of Dynamics. Not sure how much it will differ but this connector does not have the authentication logic, Check the "Dynamics 365 Connector demo" for authentication and it also has the homepage with description for configuring the same. I have only tried with SSO with Dynamics 265 cloud and after following the instruction, we were able to have the demo app working.

2. After Quick google search, I found that v8 does have api but there are few minor difference but can be corrected easily.

This connector is good starting point and works with few entities but you might have to expand it to fit the entities in Dynamics found in your environment (if those has been customized) and use case you are building.