Multiple result set and out put parameter from stored procedure at the same time

Recently I faced one issue while trying to send multiple record set with different structure from stored proc and fetching it from SQL widget and also output param at the same time. Some time we have complex business logic in Stored Proc where we need to send multiple record set along with out put param. So it will be help full for us if we get that facility in outsystems SQL widget. 

Or is there any way to solve this Senior. 

Hi Sourav,

You can use an generic auxiliar Entity to store your output from procedure and after obtain your procedure data store it.

Than you can fetch data from you auxiliar entity.

In oracle you can do something like this:

Hi Eduardo,

Thanks for your reply. Its a good idea. But after running a complex Stored proc if I again need to do some loop or some thing like that, then that will be performance issue. Or some time u have some existing procedure that has the input / output structure same like the above. So in that case SQL widget behaves like the same, then it will be help full.