Change mobile app icon according to the environment, is that possible?

Hi there,

Is it possible to change the mobile app icon according to the environment? 

I have some users with the same app installed in a device but from different environments and the icon and name in the applications list is exactly the same. At first, it is difficult to identify which app belongs to the specific environment.

If the icon is not the best approach to distinguish the apps, what are you doing?



Hi António,

i don't have much experience with mobile, then i hope that a person with experience can help you, but i have an idea for sharing.

I think the solution is will be building differents apps specific for each envoirement with own icon calling (linking) the application "UI Core", like this example mage:

"AppEnv1" and "AppEnv2" have your own icon and only call AppCoreAllEnv, that contains the UI's and the app Core.

"AppEnv1" will be installed in envirement 1, for example.

Hello António, 

I am not sure, but maybe you can create a site property that you can use to differentiate the environment and after use it to change the icon that should be loaded. 

It is only a guess. I am not sure if it is possible. In my case we are using a BYOD to deploy the apps in the mobile devices and there is possible to change the icon.


Hello Antonio,

I don't think it is possible to have separate application icon following the code release process via lifetime. However, you can still open the app in each environment, change the application icon and then generate as well as publish for each.




Thank you all for the answers :)

In Lifetime latest version it is possible to override the extensibility confirgurations as Wei Zhu answered. That solve by problem.