OutSystems.HubEdition.SMS is removed in 11?

Trying to upgrade an app which was developed on 10, reporting can't find OutSystems.HubEdition.SMS reference.

This dll is removed in Integration Studio 11?


This is on Breaking changes of OutSystems 11. SMS service was removed from the Platform Server.





Issue: Removed support for the SMS feature. Publishing modules with SMS Flows will fail.

Runtime: Web

Rationale: The built-in SMS feature was removed due to low adoption and since it is no longer aligned with the product vision.

Workaround: Remove any SMS flows from your modules and any related dependencies before publishing them.

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I think they shouldn't remove sms services, unless it can cause problems... It was pretty helpful in some cases.

Hi, there are still plenty of convenient ways to send SMS using outsystems. 

The capability removed in outsystems 11 relied on third party hardware and hardly maintained open source software, and was used by only one customer worldwide as far as we know. 

We helped that customer to transition. Please DM if you were actually using it too.


It always can happen with some mobile sms providers, who cannot provide a good bandwidth of their infrastructure towers and everything else. Software means a lot as well, cause if sms service provider will not upgrade it's software apps, it will work not so stable as it should, I think. There are a lot of live examples of such services.