One Signal Plugin: how to send Data object and create local variables dynamically


I Am new to outsystems and I want to send notification using one signal API, but I am stuck at 2 places.

1. I want to send notifications based on user tags, so I need to create  one signal 'fitler item' list (where i need to define the tag name and the relation to its value). These tag values I can get as query parameters or will read from db. So how can i create the fitler item variables dynamicaly based on the number of tag values a user has and add them to the filter item list?


1.Send notificaion to user who has store MG1 and categories: TV,Cameras

2.Send notificaion to users who has categories: Home Appliances

2. In One signal plugin I dont see any option to pass the DATA object (a custom map of data that is passed along with the message), so where or how can i pass extra values with the notification?

Hi Zeeshan,

There is OneSignal plugin sample available on forge as well as detailed documentation on how to use.



Hi Junaid,

I am using the same OneSignal plugin in web app, form web app i want to send the notification based on the tags. In the plugin i dont see any option to add the extra data object also how can i create local variable with data type filter item and then add it to the one signal plugin dynamically.