[Session Timeout Plugin] Can anyone create a small example for us to reference?

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Published on 2019-03-12 by Diogo Olival
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Published on 2019-03-12 by Diogo Olival

Hi all, 

i have no idea on how to use this Session Timeout plugin, is there anyone can create a small example?

Thank you very much!

HI Jack,

I read the description of the component 

"Full javascript plugin that implements a mobile client side inactivity session timeout according to a predefined timeout period."

Are you looking for the same component which checks user inactivity on the screen ? I am sure this is nothing to do with the user Session timeout , however you can set the same timeout as your user Session to check how long user is inactive on the screen and take action accordingly.

I also checked the Sample App , he created a LogoutCheck webblock in which he has javascript code running every minute which is consuming a rest API (VerifyLoginStatus)   from the same module and checking the user session status in LoginInfo table and if he didnt get session opening a popup from the same code by clicking a link.

In Site property "LoginSessionThreshold" you can set the session timeout that you want to use.



Hi Jack,

Demo in attach.