to track which espace are changed at publishing time under one application.


our clients wants to change how many espace are changed in one application at the time of publishing.for this purpose i have done some r&d.basically client wants below things

suppose i have one application and in this application i have two Espace.with help of system entity we can get some information.

first we have to fetch the Application from Application table.Suppose i am getting App id=43 from Application table.based on this id i can get how many module i have from App_Definition_Module Entity.

from app_definition module suppose i am getting two 82,119 and from ESpace entity i can get the Espace Information basis of 82,119.

with help of 82,119 i can get the every version details from Espace_version i am getting also that how many version i have for every espace.but i am unable to track that for every publishing which espace version is changed,

one another entity we have.

Publishing entity.for every publishing they inserting information publishing related.but in two module i have done changes for one space then only row they are inserting here for changed espace.and if i change two espace accordingly then they are inserting two rows in publishing requirement is how to track how many espace are changed for one publishing under one application.

please help.


If I understand correctly you want to check what all modules have been changed under one application between two environment, this can be achieved using lifetime api. You can easily get the version of application and also check version of modules. This should give you a hash of module version which can be used to compare between environment.

For example if you call GET lifetimeapi/rest/v2/modules/{ModuleKey}?IncludeEnvStatus=true, you can tell between environment if there is a change. I do not think you will get a version number.