[Cropper Library] Issue with portrait photos / Exif Data / Javascript
Forge component by Labs
Published on 02 Oct 2019

Hi all,

I'm having an issue with cropper pluggin and was hoping someone could help; I'm using Cropper to crop a portrait photo but in crop preview the photo becomes rotated.  This occurs with both camera and library photos and I'm using mobile iOS.

In reviewing, I believe it's an issue with the Exif Orientation. I tried to set 'checkOrientation' to false, this corrects the preview but the crop is rotated regardless.  Further, I tried a javascript element to fix the Exif data, but I'm unable to connect the dots fully. I left the javascript element as disabled if you'd like to check it out (within "onparameterschanged").

I've attached Test3 espace for review/reference.  Apologize for any relics, as this is a quick espace. Appreciate any guidance/assistance.




Hello Bradford,

I think I was facing the same or similar problems. I was able to achieve a "solution" with the following configurations. 

  1. Removed the onchangeAction from the cropper
  2. Removed this line on the code (Image below)
  3. Checkorientation is by default true no need to add (so no specific configuration required)

My only problem at this point is that the image is getting stretched when taken as a portrait. Not giving the correct height.