I would like to create an action in Integration Studio that takes two Lisst as inputs without strictly defining the type of list.  I also want to be able to have another input parameter which takes a boolean expression based on the attributes of the lists being passed in.  This is similar to the ListAny and ListFilter actions from the (System) actions.  ListFilter.SourceList is of type Generic Record List, but I don't see that option anywhere in Integration Studio.

When I create my C# class using generics, Integration Studio doesn't recognize my method.  How do I create actions with parameters similar to the ones from the System List actions?

I could never do it, but let me know if you find a solution, I'm very much interested!

Hello Greg, 

I suggest you take a look on my extension (https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/1305/advance-query) there, you'll see something like you are looking for.

My extension is able to receive a list of any record you want, you just need to pass the record list like an object.

That extension allow you execute database queries dynamic, and set the result to any kind struct.

Best Regards,

Paulo Fagundes Jr.