how to use self-write js?

when i write a new js ,how to use in my new web app?


Hi Li haijun,

You can find some straightforward information in this link:

The information is very detailed and useful.

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João Delgado


Hi Li,

You can have the below mentioned course.


thx Delgado! can i build local server to develope my software.And my sofeware source can be saved in local intstead of be saved in your cloud?

Also look at the javascript that OutSystems uses in their modules.  Opening a clone of OutSystemsWebUi will show you how OutSystems codes their javascript and what javascript patterns and naming conventions that they use.

Hi Li,

You cannot, as an individual, install OutSystems locally, you can only use the Personal Environment in the cloud. For companies, it is possible to have their own, on-premise installation.