So we have outsystems on premise and i'm looking to create an Oracle connection Extension.

The one you have in servicecenter is based an TNS name alike.

But in our Organization we use LDAP to connect to Oracle.

So for starters: 

- What Oracle client is Outsystem using.

- How can I configure the Connection to use LDAP.

Normally you add in WINDOWS -> System -> system variables TNS_ADMIN that contains the location of LDAP file. The ldap file i put in the APP/PRODUCT/CLIENT/TNS_ADMIN folder.

But don't see any Oracle client installed with outsystems.

using TNS names connection string is not supported.

Data Source=

Standard host configuration give TNS listerners error.

While on other windows machines c# applications work perfectly with Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.dll once the Oracle client 12c is installed. With the correct LDAP.ora and TNSNames.ora.

In short: if you install Oracle Client 12C on the outsystem server, will it make use of that client and its configuration?


Pedro Costa wrote:

Hi Karel,

Have you looked at these links?





Hi Costa,

Yes i did read the documentation and No they don't work/help.

Default Outsystems Oracle database connection requires a Host, Port and service name.

However if your organization uses LDAP for Oracle. That means that your connection string is stored in LDAP server.

You would point the Oracle client with the LDAP config file to the correct LDAP server to get the  connectionstring information.

Note: Our oracle database is not in the cloud. It is on our own domain the same as the outsystem instance is installed.

In a normal .net development situation (None outsystem) you would install the Oracle Client 12c. 

You would put the ldap configuration file in the same directory as the client is installed. 

And update the system variables on your application server so the oracle client know where to find it.

As outsystems comes with Oracle connection
 possiblitiesout of the BOX , i wonder where the client is (and what version) so i can drop the ldap file there and point it to it.

Or should i install a Oracle Client 12C on the machine and bypass the default stuff of outsystems.

Currently whatever i do, i get the error message: connectionstring not correctly formatted if i take advance and put the complete configuration in it or TNS Listener does not know... when using basic connection.

For the moment i'm stuck.

Hi Karel,

For your scenario, I think it's best to open a support case https://www.outsystems.com/SupportPortal/CaseOpen/

I didn't find a way to connect without requiring local installation