[iRoot - Android iOS Jailbreak/Root Detection] Bug Report

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Published on 2019-05-16 by assif_tiger
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Published on 2019-05-16 by assif_tiger

CheckIsRooted and CheckIsRootedRedBeer both affected.

ValidatePlugin, if available (TRUE) must go to JS node,

But as you can see in screenshot below, the FALSE branch go to JS.

Solution: Swap TRUE/FALSE Connectors

Also on CheckiRootPluginLoaded:

on device with old APK/IPA, it will always gave "IRoot not defined" error message.

The right way to check IRoot loaded is:

if(typeof(IRoot) === "undefined")
    $parameters.IsLoaded = false;
    $parameters.IsLoaded = true;

Good catch. Let's get this fixed.

Thanks, Harlin Setiadarma,

Published the fixed version 1.0.2 for the same.

For now, it is under-dev, will mark its stable release after a test on both Android & iOS devices.