Widget doesn't allow ajax refresh!

I'm using a upload widget and a form on the screen and I can't use ajax refresh with it. How can I do the form validations without ajax refresh? 

Thank you in advance. :) 


I've been there too. One solution is to do the validations, just as you would do them with Ajax submit, and then in the Preparation of the screen use the function IsLoadingScreen() to not run the all Preparation again. This way you won't lose the values in the input form!


Hi Jose :) ,

You have to use a Submit action to upload, but If you place the upload widget in a Web block, and  you can the notify or the event to refresh the action on your form. And use the form in the screen with ajax refresh

I hope it helps,

Hi José,

I prefer solve this with an ajax submit button just to make the validations and have a hidden link to handle the submit. Eduardo describe the solution perfectly on this post.