Hey, I'm pretty new developing in Outsystems(Traditional Web), which means I still trying to figure it out what I can and what I can't do, or at least the best way to do it.

I need to replicate this paper based form/survey attached and I'm stuck.

Is there any way to make a multi-columns form? Should I use table instead with multiple inputs? I've been doing some tests but not very successful for that matter.

I need to save the "Nivel" field but it will be already a default value.

The other fields are date types.

Thanks in advance.


Hello Cinthya,

Inside the Form, you can use Containers to split it in columns using containers, and then changing the width of these containers.

So, this way, you can put your inputs any way you want, inside the form.

Hope this helps.



Thanks so much Eduardo for the quick reply. 

This is exactly what I need.