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We need to execute a SOAP API call in OutSystems 11. 

Previously, we made use of the EnhancedWebReferences extension to change the effective URL as well as appending the required headers before making the request.  

The new protocol now requires us to make use of the SOAP Extensibility API. 

We downloaded the SOAP Extensibility Samples from the Forge in order to dynamically change the URL and append headers, but I am not sure how to pass the URL to the OnBeforeRequest action? 

There is no option for an input variables, only local? 

Please can someone assist me in passing through my URL and header values to the OnBeforeRequest? 



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Hi Nicholas,

The OnBeforeRequest is called by the Platform, so there's no way to pass it any Parameters. Unfortunately, I'm not sure though how your scenario should be solved, as I've not used it myself.


please check this link: Use Advanced Extensibility


Nuno Verdasca

And I don't know if the solution below can solve your problem, but it doesn't hurt to share to try and help solve your question:

This way you can choose to add even more headers.

Nuno Verdasca

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My goal is the same. I need to change the SOAP endpoint in runtime depending, for example, on the user who is making the request.

How to use this Platform API with input parameters?

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Hey I have the same exact problem i would like to change the soap endpoint at runtime. Is there any way to this by getting the request body in the OnBeforeRequest of the soap action?

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Trying to achieve the same. Has anyone come up with a solution yet?

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Just wondering if "Runtime Property" can be used to hold/pass state on session level in Service type eSpaces. The documentation is quite "light" on this one, though: