I have a few screens that won't scroll (mobile iOS).  The whole page will move up instead of scrolling.

The problem occurs 50% of the time; the other 50%, the screens work fine.  Works fine in web emulator.  

I've included an image below of the problem (Image 1). Image 2 is the expected condition.  

I've included an error message from the log below  (if this is related?).  When I remove 'onInitialize' and a block, problem still continues.

Any thoughts and assistance is greatly appreciated. 



Image 1:  Screen not scrolling

Image 2: Expected Condition

Error Log:

Hi Bradford,

I'm not sure what the root cause of your issue is with the available info.  I found some of my screen wouldn't scroll in iOS if I set them to a fixed position.  especially devices with the camera notch, apparently there's a bug with that but when the soft keyboard is opened.  

I found I could get around most of the issues with one or more of the following:

  • I found some screens wouldn't scroll.  so I wrapped the Contents placeholder Layout in a position absolute, full width/height div with overflow hidden.
  • I also found the keyboard was covering up the input I'd just tapped, and I couldn't scroll it up .  So on iOS only, detect when the soft keyboard was open (generally by tracking focus on an input) and the adding some padding to the bottom of the screen to hoist the input 125ish pixels higher.

hope this helps a bit.




Issue is definitely caused by the background. and is caused by the bouncing page behaviour of IOS mobile page transitions, if you google it you will find a lot of issues in stackoverflow and related websites, there are a lot of compatibility issues with background fixed and scroll in IOS.

As alternatively you can set the image background in the body (this way, background is set out of the bouncing transition element) and everything works as expected.

Hope it helps you.

Best regards!


Thanks Daniel. Worked perfectly.  Adding screenshot for future reference below.

Appreciate your help!




Correct behavior if you place the background in the body:

This way you don't need to place this on every page.