I have been trying to get a REST API connected for more than a week now.  This isn't easy.  Everything works in Postman, in the Azure API test area and I can hit the API directly through the address.  However, when I try to set it up in OutSystems, all the documentation is outdated so nothing I try works.  The new OutSystems platform doesn't use Actions to initiate the OAuth2 steps like the few documents in the online documentation explain.  I have tried opening other projects but they are using the old way of implementing the APIs.  

I need help setting up and connecting to the api.  

I am using a Function App in Azure with an HTTP Trigger.  I can hit, the api in Postman.  I can successfully test the api in Azure.  I can paste the address into a browser and get back a response but Outsystems, I get "Not Authorized".

So, how do we SET UP these api's??  Is there any RECENT documentation outlining this? 

Hi Kyle,

Take a look at the IDP forge component:


Can you attach a postman and OutSystems print with yours parameters? 

Hi Kyle,

I guess you have to use custom authentication headers to access the REST API's. Follow this sharepoint example on how to use custom authentication headers to get a access token from the API.




I have single sign on working in the app.  I can hit the API when I use an IFrame and reference the API address. However, setting up the API in the REST section is a different story. Also, My Azure Function App has been registered and authorized with OutSystems.  I have assigned all users to the group in OutSystems.  I am not using a Swagger definition so this is a single API.

Again, the instructions include a Server Action which is not supported in OutSystems for a REST api.  There are no options to create a Server Action.  It only shows, "Add REST API Method..." and "Add Structure".