error: "DataPath does not exist"


I'm currently using the SimpleOCR extension in my application to recognize the text from an invoice photo. 

I'm now experiencing the following error: "DataPath does not exist" and this error always occurs when I call the ExtractTextFromMemImage action.

I don't understand why this is happening because it already worked correctly in another eSpace.  

Thank you


Hi Ana,

Maybe your problem must be related to the DataPath argument you are sending to the ExtractTextFromMemImage action.

To work properly, you have to send the Path_GetApplicationDirectory.ApplicationDirectory (from the Path_GetApplicationDirectory server action you call before) plus "\bin2\hidden_resources\YoureSpaceName".

One more thing, you should check in your Resources folder of your current eSpace if you have the following files: eng.traineddata and jpn.traineddata. You need this because the ExtractTextFromMemImage action is expecting 2 types of languages: english or japanese.

I hope this can solve your problem :)