[CKEditor] List of plugins in current version

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Published on 2019-05-08 by Leonardo Fernandes
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Published on 2019-05-08 by Leonardo Fernandes


is there a list of available plugins in current forge component and how I can use them.

For added font and justify plugin I recognized that I have to add "extraPlugins:['font','justify']," to configuration. Is it the right way to include them?

Can I add colors plugin for setting text and backgroundcolor without changing the forge component?

Same question for preview plugin:

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Hi Magnus,

You can use toolbar builder to build your custom bar using this link. All plugins for this link are available, because it is the same version (v4)



Hi Pedro,

thanks for your answer, but unfortunately ckeditor version which is provided with forge component (v4.11.4) is not the latest (v4.13).

That’s the reason why I had to add the 2 mentioned plugins manually to add font and alignment buttons.

They are also not shown up at forge demo: https://marcio-lima.outsystemscloud.com/CKEditorDemo/


Hi Magnus, 

The version i'm using is this: 

Hi Pedro,

thanks again, I am using the latest version for OutSystems 11:

Hi, Magnus

You are using the Outsystems Forge Component CkEditor v5.1.1, that uses the CKEditor 4.

Check the documentation for that version at the original website (Setting Text and BackgroundColours:


Let me know if this helps,


Hi Sam,

thanks for your help. Coming back to my initial question it seems that it is not possible to add these 3 buttons without changing the latest forge component for OS 11 because the corresponding plugins are not included.

Nevertheless a list of included plugins and how they can be used would be helpful for anyone who wants to use this component.