Hi All,

I have a requirement where i need to edit a record in the table record through pop up.? 

I know we can do it through popup editor widget but i'm not sure how exactly to achieve it ?

Can anyone help me over here ?

Thanks in Advance.

Hi Gandeev all you need to do is right click link to a screen one of your expression and set the LinkOrButtonWidgetId to the name of your link which I named LinkId. The screen it points to should also have the Layouts\LayoutPopup.

1. Link to one of your records in the table to the screen with Layouts\LayoutPopup

2. Make sure to attach a PopUpEditor and set the proper LinkOrButtonWidgetId

3. To edit the screen in number 1 should have an input parameter of the Id related to that screen. (Eg. Input Parameter EmpId then you have an aggregate that points to the correct record, you place that as the source record in the form and do the usual way of saving records)


Hi Gandeev,

 Just use Popup Editor. 

Just put it on the screen (Preferably next to the link or button that you will call the popup) and inside it enter the Id of the button / link that will call the popup. 

Remember that a component in this case the button / link will only have the Id attribute visible if you put a name on it. Then name the button / link.


Sample for you to use as well