how to move screen to submenu

I want to move screen to be submenu so I drag and drop the screen into menu folder but it didn't work it is moved to common folder and I cant make it submenu item,Note: no star icon appears while moving it to menu folder


You should be able to that. Did you follow the steps here:

I hope it helps,

You can drag and drop a webblock calling MenuSubItem, and after create an expression or link inside of this webblock.

Obs: Don't forget to include a new record in SubItemMenu Static table:
Like that:


Hello Muhamed.

The scaffolding for menus does not exist the same way as for traditional webs.
To create a menu using scaffolding in REACTIVE web applications, you need to open the web block of the menu and drag the page to the menu area:

To create a menu with sub-menus you need to use a specific widget.

Hope this helps.


Eduardo Jauch your tip was very was exactly what I needed.


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