catch android intent and bundle on start


i have to use a custom Library (not developed by me, and i can't edit it). When some events occur (while the app is closed) it will send an intent to the app's launcher Activity with a bundle that has info on that event. 

The hard part is that the intent is for the MainActivity, i can't find a plugin to catch this event or think of a solution that doesn't envolve download the code generated by outsystems and editing the MainActivity to process natively the intent in the onCreate method.

Does anyone know how can i catch this intent and bundle in outsystems, and then redirect to the right page with the bundle info, without having to relay on edit the generated source every time i want to deploy to the store?

 I'm using outsystems 10 and use MABS 5.0 to build the APK

As far as I know, there isn't any native option for this, specially since Intents are Android-specific. Unfortunately, I was unable to find anything in the Forge, either. 

The AppLauncher is for your app to send requests/data to external apps, not to receive these requests.

I think your best option is to build your own Mobile Plugin to add the missing functionality to your app, using one of the readily available Cordova options, such as this one.

This guide will walk you through the process of building such a plugin. Additionally, the AppLauncher source code can help guide you on converting native Java objects to/from OutSystems.

If you do go this route, be sure to publish your plugin to the Forge, for those nice brownie points :-)

Hi Hugo,

look to this post.

And I believe that with this component from forge, you wil find what you loonking: AppLancherPlugin

Nuno Verdasca