SQL Server + Oracle

SQL Server + Oracle


On service studio, when we build a new eSpace from scratch, we are able to choose the oml database type (sql server/oracle).
* Is it possible to have two different database connections (SQL Server and Oracle) linked to the same Hub Server?
* can we have two different applications on the same hub server, one using a SQL Server database and other a Oracle database?

best regards,
Luis Soares
Hello Luis

You have that option in Service Studio because you can deploy the AgilePlatform using either Oracle or SQL Server. However, you cannot use both - platform database is either one or the other. You need to opt on whether you want to install over SQL Server or Oracle.

However, you can integrate with both external SQL Server and Oracle databases, no matter what type of database you choose to install the AgilePlatform. In AgilePlatform 4.2, you can use the Database Connection feature to connect your applications to external SQL Server and Oracle, and you can also create linked server connections to other databases and use tables or views from those servers in your applications, through Extensions.

With the option to integrate with different databases, you can sure deploy applications that use data from SQL Server databases and others that use data from Oracle databases. Just keep in mind that the AgilePlatform system model is always stored in either SQL Server or Oracle.